What’s LED Cap Lamp?


What’s LED Cap Lamp?

LED miner lamp is a kind of miner lamp which uses high brightness LED light source instead of traditional lamp beads as light source and cooperates with lithium ion battery production. Compared with traditional lamp, this product has the advantages of small size, light weight and high efficiency energy saving lamp. This product can be used for all kinds of underground mining operations, tunnel operations, ocean operations, maintenance operations, outdoor sports, hunting night fishing, investigation and exploration, soldiers equipment and other places carry-on lighting.

Product Feature Editor

  1. The shell is made of engineering plastics and bullet-proof glass. It is fully enclosed and can work in various harsh environments.
  2. The power supply uses high-security lithium-ion batteries, which are pollution-free, have large storage capacity, no charge memory and need not replace battery liquid. It is a completely maintenance-free product.
  3. The light source uses LED cold light source, which saves more than 70% energy, does not need to replace the bulb, does not produce electric sparks, and completely eradicates the mine accidents caused by the mine lamp.
  4. Mine lamp is equipped with special charger, without additional charging equipment and maintenance workers, charging cost is only one sixth of the traditional.
  5. The product has the functions of automatic protection of over-voltage, over-current and over-discharge, and is safe and explosion-proof.
  6. Small size, light overall structure (only 100-150 g), no restraint, load is 1/15 of the traditional lamp, greatly reducing the labor intensity of miners and improving labor productivity.

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