Matters needing attention of Mining LED Cap Lamps


Matters needing attention of Mining LED Cap Lamps

  1. The charging hole should be covered when the lamp is used underground to prevent dust or water from entering the charging hole. Blockage or rust of the charging hole will cause the lamp to be unable to charge and scrapped.
  2. It must be charged according to the instructions and other ways must be approved by the company.
  3. Mine lamp should be maintained during use. Protecting the lamp glass can keep the best lighting effect. Mine lamp can not be put into water when it is clean. It should be scrubbed with wet cloth.
  4. Do not over discharge for a long time in the process of using, otherwise it will affect the service life of the battery.
  5. Charging room temperature should be in the range of 0-35 C. If it is not in this range, the battery may be heated, which will affect the performance of the battery and shorten its life.
  6. Mine lamp should be used within the cycle life of storage battery, and it should be discarded forcibly if it reaches the service life.
  7. Don’t direct the light into other people’s eyes to avoid causing vision discomfort underground.

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