Charging and Operation of Miners Cap Lamp


Charging and Operation of Miners Cap Lamp

  1. Charging Method

1) The lamp holder of this product is equipped with charging management circuit, which can be charged with a constant voltage charger. Charging rack shall comply with MT68-2002 “Mine Lamp Charging rack” standard.

2) When charging, first turn off the lamp power supply, open the lamp charging cover, expose the DC jack, insert the charging jack of the charger into the DC jack, and insert the 220V AC power supply into the other end of the charger. When charging normally, the indicator lamp of charger is red light. When the battery is full, the indicator lamp turns to green light and automatically stops charging. Normal charging time is about 6-8 hours.

  1. Pre-cycling Charging

The lamp is charged and discharged. It has been charged up to about 40% of the capacity when it leaves the factory. The newly purchased lamp can not be used directly. It should be discharged first. After discharge, recharge the battery on the charging rack for no less than 7 hours, and check the lighting time in the lamp room after sufficient electricity.

  1. Cautions for Charging

1) When charging, the lamp source should be turned off.

2) The adoption of other charging methods should be approved by the company, otherwise the product may be damaged due to mismatched charging.

  1. Normal use

1) When in use, the power switch on the lamp head can be pressed to turn on the main and auxiliary light sources and turn off the light sources respectively.

2) The main light source of the miner’s lamp can light for more than 11 hours; if it exceeds the scheduled working time, please switch to the auxiliary light source in time to maintain a longer lighting time.

3) Mine lamp is equipped with over-discharge control circuit. Under normal operating conditions, the battery will not cause over-discharge. But when the battery discharges to the termination voltage of 2.75V, the overdischarge control circuit starts and the lighting source is turned off. Users must use it as required and go to the well before the lamp goes out to ensure safety.

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